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Minggu, 07 Agustus 2011

Why the "FEAR"?

As a Malaysian, we seems to live in a free country whereby no one restrict our freedom. However, we all know this is not true. We are only granted certain level of freedom as long as we do not question 1. Our supreme Rulers. 2. Our supreme Government. 3. Our supreme Leaders/politicians. 4. Our supreme laws which is the Syariah (though it was supposed to meant for the Muslims only).

In recent news, JAIS authorities steps in to a Church function to "save" our muslim friends from being converted or "turn over", even though the function was for a different purpose.

My simple questions are:

1-Why does Islam allow non Muslim to convert but do not allow Muslim to convert to other belief system. Please enlighten me.

2-As all Malays born in Malaysia are naturally Muslim, how can they learn tolerance of other belief system or only those who are non Muslim MUST learn to tolerate Muslim?

3-The elements of Isdiadat Melayu are already fused with Islam in Malaysia. How can we differentiate which is which? For example: Most Malays hate or dislikes dogs, and they will not hesitate to injure, maim or kill a dog as shown repeatedly over the you tube about cruelty to these type of animals and yet dogs are known to protect the Great Prophet Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. when He slept and would follow Him wherever He goes? Nothing was written about Him killing dogs, and as a Muslim, we should emulate Him. So why have these killing taken place?

We are all brothers and sisters of Malaysia. We are all 1family in Malaysia, it is sad to see we prosecute each other and have supremacy over the other. I still remember the echoes of my late father calling his Malay and Indian friends abang and adik. They would all share the Muhibbah that so outwardly existed at that point of time. I am just wondering, where have we gone wrong. Probably is it because we are now $$$$$$$$$$$$ orientated?